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#freefilters ··· Hey guys here a dark vibrant filter! Really look best on everything especially with flash photo,nice with dark,flash,white.Adding fade if you want the fade look on your feed and it will look really organized.Avoid bright or the colour that didn't match#vogufilter . ··· Theming 9/10 ··· ☀☀☀☀Hope you guys like it!

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Rainbow | Arc-en-ciel | Arcobaleno | レインボー | Regenbogen | Радуга | Colours | Texture | Style | Beto Carrero World, Penha, Santa Catarina, Brazil

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#freefilters ··· How was your day going? So here a supper cute filter PINKY! This filter really best with everything if you want a cute feed,it look most best with pink,white,"pink"skin tone.If you have a darker skin tone you might get your skin a TAN so I recommend this for light skin tone (example:the photo up the☝)avoid dark and the colour that didn't match! ··· Tips: good lighting pics work the best! Theming:9.5/10 ··· Hope you guys having a good day!!!

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#freefilters [REQUESTS] ··· Hey guys sorry for not posting,so here a dark warm filter that really best with everything for me I will match it with some warm tones in the pics.For the tint +1 you can add it if you want or not but the tint will make your faces or skin tone look a lil pink and not too warm that looking so sick.Avoid colour that didn't match#vogufilter . ··· Theming 9.5/10 ···

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Pretty cool effect. I am having fun with the new photo editors. This almost looks likes "Percolator" Tumblr

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