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Happy New Year to all of you ! Here's a nice warm filter that looks good on everything. It definitely needs adjustments depending on the picture , especially the contrast and temperature. It looks the best with brown , skin tones and pretty much just any warm tones. #omgfiltrshb2 backup : @acaifilters

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First Post of 2012 and a Match Color Tutorial

MatchColor - Finally found the link for this tutorial!!! PSE9 has a similar feature so I'll definitely try this out.

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This filter is gorgeous and literally looks good with everything ! I definitely would recommend this for a feed cause it's pretty easy to match. It does look the best with skin tones , black , grey , white and blue. I wouldn't recommend using the skin tone all the time , cause it might not always look that great , but of course just adjust to your liking. #omgfiltrsmseries #omgfiltrsm6 backup : @acaifilters ---------------------------------------------------- • FREE ALTERNATIVE...

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I LITERALLY LOVE THIS OMG!! It's so pretty it adds definition and character to your pictures and it's sooo easy to match!! It works with a variety of colors and to top it off it's free! -claire

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I recently shared my idea for a new series based on challenges. I'll definitely be partaking in the 30 Day Photo Challenge next. I would REALLY love to shoot f

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