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Nothing wrong whatsoever with a father and son relationship that's more hands-on. If we can hug and comfort them when they're a toddler, we can hug and comfort them when they're thirty!

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Einstein's Dreams infographic | Course Hero

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The composition of Nancy Eha's 'bead physics' is rich in detail and layers, inviting the viewer to explore the story she tells.

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Winter Book Challenge

Stretch yourself this winter and broaden your “book” horizons by completing our book challenge! Let us know if you plan to join us and what books will make your list!

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How to Improve Reading with Cross-Lateral Activities

A child's physical coordination is directly linked with his ability to read. The processes that your brain goes through when you read are similar to the processes your brain goes through when you complete certain exercises, called cross-lateral exercises. In a cross-lateral exercise, you must use your arms and legs in movements that cross your...

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Page Turner is a good way for those who enjoy reading and it makes it accessible for many.

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Fun Nutrition Worksheets for Kids Put out by Fooducate, a great app for iPhone and Androids. learn more at

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Food labels can seem confusing at first, but learning how to read food labels is an important life skill that will improve your overall health.

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