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General formula sheet helpful for students of physics (statistical mechanicals, electrostatics, quantum mechanics, and motion), general chemistry, physical chemistry and physical analysis.

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Free Download Physical Chemistry (6th edition) written by Ira N. Levine in pdf. from following here:

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Chemistry of Fireworks

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Periodic Table of Elements

Periodic table with a fun twist! Student's always ask what is so-and-so element used in? This poster shows the answer to that question, making chemistry relevant. #chemistry #periodictable #scienceisfun

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High School Chemistry Bundle for Interactive Notebooks and Lapbooks

Enhance your science interactive notebooks with the #Chemistry Interactive Notebook BUNDLE. Middle school and high school bundle versions available.

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Chemistry in everyday life Have you ever wondered why chemistry is so important? Why do we study chemistry? We all are made of chemicals and everything around us is made of chemicals. Everything we hear, see, smell, taste, and touch involves chemistry and chemicals (matter). Hearing, seeing, tasting, and touching all involve intricate series of chemical reactions and interactions in our body

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Cute and informative illustration of Gas Laws. Charles' Law. Boyle's Law. Dalton's Law. Avogadro's Law. (Featuring Trogdor!)

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