Cape pickled fish (Kaapse kerrievis) | Rainbow Cooking I made it this Easter, the recipe I used is from a good friend and differs slightly but the result is the delicious sweet n sour we all crave around easter in South Africa!

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Cape Malay Pickled Fish Recipe from South Africa. Kaapse Karrievis (Cape Curried Fish)

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The BEST Pickled Northern Pike Recipe Out There!

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Pickling is a quick, easy way to prepare northern pike for year-long enjoyment, particularly when accompanied by crackers, mustard and a strong Ale. Other fish can be used here, but pike works the...

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PEGGI'S PICKLED FISH. I'll skip the cloves and substitute other savory herbs to suit my taste.

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Cape Malay-style pickled fish (South Africa - pickled fish and hot cross buns on Good Friday) :)

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