When my collection becomes extensive enough I am taking a picture with my favorite antique/beautiful hardcover books. <3

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Fly your mind to a different, exciting world. There are other great romance books available for spicy good reading. “My Captive Heart" by Annabel Lee is not your usual romance, and has some spice like "Fifty Shades of Grey." It combines historical romance with suspenseful action and interesting early American history. It is an e-book available at Amazon or Barnes and Noble for only $4.99.

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Picture books tell and teach a lot of things to the little children. Here are 52 picture books to read with the Elementary Grades in a year.

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The Giver. Appropriate for 5th grade gifted students and up. An amazing view of a dystopic community.

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Hamlet. Romeo and Juliet. Henry V. Macbeth. A Midsummer Night's Dream. King Lear. Lovers of literature will immediately recognize these as signature works of...

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Visit http://www.TravelnPleasure.com/ Colorful boat in Parga, Greece | 25 Gorgeous Pictures Of Greece That Will Take Your Breath Away

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