I love this! I want gray with light pink for my room but I ws thinking pink bedding and grey sheets? those curtains are fab-u-lous!

Love the curtains pink-gray-color-combination-pretty-grey-wall-bedding-pink-panel-curtains-bedroom-idea-formal-girly-classy-unique-decor-idea-decoration-fun-elegant-unique-cute-wall-texture.

OK.... My daughter is standing here holding me while I am pinning this horrendous creature's picture.  Yes...I have a specific phobia.  FREAKING GRASSHOPPERS (the picture is covered while I type this!!).  When I think about exposure therapy and looking at them, touching or god forbid, kissing one, I can't breathe.  Please, no one bring any grasshoppers to class.  I will freak out.

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a Grasshopper was hopping about. An Ant passed by, bearing along with…

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 70 Pics

Funny pictures about Giant Grasshopper Monster. Oh, and cool pics about Giant Grasshopper Monster. Also, Giant Grasshopper Monster photos.

A grasshopper looks like it's playing hide and seek as it peeps through a hole in a big green leaf.

Pictures of the day: 27 March 2012

The Katydid, by Steve Passlow What a beautiful photograph. I'm so glad Steve Passlow shared this shot.

Peek-a-bug! Eyes can see you!..This damselfly thought it had cleverly hid itself behind a blade of grass at a British lake - but it failed to realise its eyes could be seen poking out either side. The bright blue bug concealed its two-inch-long body and transparent wings by clinging onto the grass with its black legs..But photographer Tony Flashman spotted the common blue damselfly's piercing eyes at Fordwich Lakes, Kent

Even insects feel shy sometimes. Deal, Kent-based photographer Tony Flashman captured this awesome image of a bashful damselfly playing peek-a-boo from behind a blade of grass in the meadows at Fordwich Lakes, near Canterbury, Kent. “‘This little fly.