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7 Essential Tips for Photographing the Moon. This is great! Gives great ideas and even though a couple were kind of obvious, the "iphone photographers" will understand why they cannot do this. And also will increase your knowledge a bit too!

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Pink camouflage life proof

Pink camouflage life proof Pink camouflage life proof that is still water proof! It is in good condition has one little crack on top of rubber (picture 4) and the rubber came off the volume button on the side (picture 3). Also has fingerprint button to fit a 5S. I just got the iPhone 7 or I could keep it! LifeProof Accessories Phone Cases

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7 Useful iPhone Camera Tips and Tricks

Apple Gets Patent For Inductive Charging Docking Station. there are cases and adaptors to convert appliances to charge via induction but now apple are taking out patents to make it built in which could mean the next iphone could be wireless charging.

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A photographer and developer with 86 camera apps highlights the best — and worst — iPhone camera apps

O Slash brings you the best way to show your facial emotions by having your own face pasted on the body of an emoticon! All you have to do is to click on the ‘camera button’ and take a selfie, and you will see your face right away on our emoticons!


the iPhone 7s or the iPhone 7s plus but I couldn't find a picture of both of them and I didn't want to put 2 pictures of both!!!! cadence edited

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iPhone Photography: 7 Essential Tips

iPhone Photography tips. Owning 5 DSLRs must admit most of my past years photos have been taken with My iPhone. It's just always in my hand.


Apple to unveil wireless 'airpods' alongside iPhone 7 next week -