awwww-cute: Here’s a baby picture of my little girl, Lucy (Source:

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Dog Breeds. I Love Them All! Part 3 | #Animals #Breed #Dogs #World
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Meet the Greedy Sick Profiteers from one of the worlds most dangerous breeds, Contact your Congress, Eradicate PitBulls and Give to Children who have been Disfigured by PitBulls!

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Why do people call pit bulls scary? Look at this picture! If you train them right they can be your best friends!

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I see this picture on here a lot, and wonder if I'm the only one to notice the cleft palate. Poorly bred pup, but of course it's cute.

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The expression of love on this dog's face shows how devoted it is!!!

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So tempted to wrap Roux in some pink Christmas lights. She would be so cute, and she would definitely have a similar worried look as this guy!

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"Handfuls of Pitbull Puppies" I'm channeling my inner desires through these puppy pictures! I need a pitbull in my lifetime.

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