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This is one of the only pictures of Queen Victoria smiling. I think this was around the time of her Golden Jubilee. For special occasions, she would wear white shawls and other accent pieces with her black mourning.

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Queen Victoria on her deathbed, and her death. The old queen remembers.


QUEEN VICTORIA (b.1819-d.1901). QUEEN IN HER OWN RIGHT from her accession on 20th June, 1837 until her death on 22nd January, 1901. HOUSE OF HANOVER. PICTURE: Queen Victoria in her coronation robes, painted in 1860. By George Hayter. Government Art Collection, United Kingdom.


Victoria and Albert's next daughter, Princess Helena, seen here in her glad rags for the Devonshire House Ball of 1897. She's wearing a diamond tiara with a large, dark central gem stone, it could be the 'real thing' or possibly something made especially for the Ball