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Queen Victoria turns round to see why her daughter-in-law has lagged behind, photograph by the Princess of Wales at Abergeldie, 1889

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The famous picture of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert with their daughter Victoria on her wedding day, 25 January 1858. The Queen is blurry because she couldn't stop shaking from the anxiety of her daughter leaving home.

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Queen Victoria with daughter Princess Beatrice, 1879 love the pictures of the Queen and Princess Beatrice she had stated that her youngest daughter was the one light in her life after the death of Prince Albert :< it was also said by many that the princess had a jubilant soul that couldn't be stifled or subdued even when the Queen was in deep mourning <3

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Matthew Ward on

This is one of the only pictures of Queen Victoria smiling. I think this was around the time of her Golden Jubilee. For special occasions, she would wear white shawls and other accent pieces with her black mourning.

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Queen Victoria on her deathbed, and her death. The old queen remembers.

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