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PIGEON Baby Soft Silicone Nipple Classic Size L 6 Pieces. -Made of high quality silicon. -Specially designed. -Safety. Model L-6 Pack 2 design pacifier nipple in the base of the same mother. Heat resistant up to 120 degrees Celsius. You can put a pacifier to a boil to prevent the disease. Nipples can have a remarkable resilience. The baby can move his tongue like sucking milk from mother. The stopper made of high quality silicone which is soft and thick as 2 feet will help reduce the flow…

Pigeon Fostering….. This is our method to raise an all white round, then a race team, using fosters and ‘natural parents’…. Put the pairs together, and let everyone lay a ro…


Pigeon Fever is an infectious bacterial disease of horses which has had recent outbreaks throughout the United States. Get to know what signs to look


Pigeons have excellent hearing abilities. They can detect sounds at far lower frequencies than humans are able to, and can thus hear distant storms and volcanoes. Despite the social perception as dirty and disease-ridden, pigeons are actually very clean animals and there is very little evidence to suggest that they are significant transmitters of disease.


Inside Pigeon Nest. Pigeon Nest; Pigeon need a comfortable place to live. Pigeon nest need good ventilation. Without sun and fresh air the baby pigeons can get different diseases. In my opinion, I don’t like to keep any animals or pet inside a small case or box. In the city it’s almost impossible raising pigeon case free but please makes for them a comfortable and safe place….


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