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These are very much effective and discourage the #pigeons from landing.
5-Row STAINLESS STEEL BIRD SPIKES - Durable Pigeon Repellent - Great Deterrent for Birds, Crows And Woodpeckers,cover 5x50cm
Natural Pigeon Repellent
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Pigeons will roost in a number of places.
An attractive take on the ol’ Pigeon repellent device. No more Jackson Pollack painting on your window ledge.
ARDISLE GARDEN PWN REPELLENT SCARER DECOY OWL CROW PIGEON POND FISH RAT CAT: Protège votre jardin et l'étang de ravageurs Fonctionne très…
Pigeon Repellent Sounds
From 24.95:Defender Narrow Plastic Bird And Pigeon Spikes 10 Metre Pack - 30 X 334mm Strips. A Humane Bird And Pigeon Control Deterrent. Get Rid Of Pigeons And Scare Birds With Our Anti-roosting Repellent |
Defender Wide Plastic Bird and Pigeon Spikes 5 Metre Pack - 15 x 334mm strips. A humane Bird and Pigeon Control Deterrent. Get rid of pigeons and scare birds with our anti-roosting repellent
#PigeonSpikes are not meant to really harm the birds or injure them, but are used to keep pigeons away by blocking a particular area. Read more:
Natural Pigeon Repellant
Best price on MINS - Ultrasonic Animal Pest Bird Control Repeller with Motion Detector, Strobe & Intruder Alarm - Powerful Ultrasonic Scare Bird pigeon Repeller / Electronic Animal Pest Control (Ultrasonic Scare Repeller)  See details here:    Truly the best deal for…
Bird XPeller Pro Sonic
Pigeon Spikes - Bird Control Spikes, Pigeon Deterrent & Repellent India | Indolite