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Large Leaf Baby Tears Plant - Pilea depressa - Easy to Grow - 4" Pot by Hirts: Houseplants. $5.99. Correct name; Pilea depressa. Immediate shipping in a 4" pot.. Water when on the dry side. Prefers bright, indirect light. Also known as: Leprechaun toes, Baby toes, or Miniature peperomia. Native to the Carribean. Pilea depressa is a good choice for a hanging basket, terrarium, or small pot. Rounded medium green tiny leaves adorn this low trailing indoor plant. It prefers bright, ...


Job’s Tears, Botanical name: Pilea Depressa can be used as groundcover or as small clumps of greenery. It will not be as flat as Baby Tears or Blue Job’s Tears.


ENGLISH BABY TEARS Pilea depressa Height: cascading Foliage: Tiny, round lime green leaves that cascade. Soil: Water once the soil becomes dry to the touch. Additional Information: This delicate leaved, creeping plant is wonderful in dish gardens or hanging baskets. Grows well in bright indirect light. Keep temperatures above 55 degrees F.