Grab this fun and {free} Pilgrim's Unit Study!! Includes Math, Science, Social Studies, Geography, History, Language Arts, Visual Arts & Drama for PreK-5th grade!! ::

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My first graders have really enjoyed these Scholastic videos... we've been watching in short segments and keeping notes in our reading journals. They also labeled the parts of the Mayflower and have drawn scenes from the voyage. "The First Thanksgiving: Virtual Field Trips, Videos, and Slideshow" {Scholastic}

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This could be used as a social studies lesson learning about the pilgrims journey on the mayflower and comparing and contrasting their daily lives to ours now- AN

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This Scholastic site includes an interactive map of the journey across the Atlantic Ocean and a view "inside" the Mayflower to see and hear about the parts of the ship.

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This would be a social studies lesson. This video is a lesson on pilgrims. It is a video that talks about pilgrims but also makes it easy for the students to understand. I would show this video then have an activity afterwards.

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