For the first two years of my chickening adventures, I used pine shavings as litter inside the coop primarily because they were...

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Guardian Horse Bedding Swift Pick Pine Shavings

we're using these eco-friendly canapé cones made from pine shavings for evening nibbles

RAKU richard foye employ straw, pine cones, moose dung and pine shavings to develop the various glaze effects you will find on these pots.

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Cedar and pine shavings are often used as pet bedding but are they really safe? Find out if cedar chips and pine shavings are your best options.

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put herbs in with the chickens' pine shavings for bedding: Rosemary (pain relief, insecticide, respiratory health), Sage (antioxidant, anti-parasitic) and Mint (any kind - insecticide and rodent repellent).

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AlfaPet Large Flakes Pine Shavings, 4 cubic feet

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