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Pinhole Cameras Made with Photo Paper

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Longest Pinhole Exposure Ever Is Also Most Beautiful

Michael Wesely's beautiful 34 month exposures. The pinhole camera was not touched or tampered with at all during the exposure.

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This photograph has an eerie quality, and I think the dark edges and the movement of the hands compliment the effect.

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Color Pinhole - This makes me feel dizzy for some weird reason. I also tend to be interested in black and white pinhole photography. This one stood out greatly for me.

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How To Make A Pinhole Camera by on @deviantART

From pinhole to print – Inspiration, instructions and insights in less than an hour « Book Reviews «

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Pinhole Photography by Scott Speck // A pinhole camera has no lens, and pinhole photography is therefore a type of lensless photography. Instead of the light entering the camera through a lens, it enters through a small circular hole (a fraction of a millimeter in diameter) to strike the film and thereby create the exposure.

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This DIY camera has 20 lenses, can take a massive pile of photos in one shot | TechHive

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