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Almond pink acrylic nails Instagram: @amandabork_ Pinterest: @amanderrplease


Dream catcher pink acrylic nail design

Breast Cancer Awareness inspired design Base color: #OPI "Mod About You". Nail art: Black & pink acrylic paint. Top coat: #DazzleDryTopCoat.

from Creative Market

Abstract pink acrylic brush strokes

Abstract pink acrylic brush strokes by Liliia Rudchenko on Creative Market


“#NotPolish Opaque cool pink acrylic with all Swarovski pieces! @bella_marij ❤️”

from Etsy

Hot Pink Vintage Faux Pearls, Pink Acrylic Pearls, 4mm Round Beads, Bright Pink Pearlized Beads, Pink Plastic Pearls, Fuchsia Spacer Beads

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from Posh Girl

Starlet Hot Pink Acrylic Clutch Bag

POSH GIRL Starlet Hot Pink Acrylic Clutch Bag

from Etsy

Light Pink Vintage Faux Pearl Bead Mix, Mixed Lot Pink Acrylic Pearls, Pastel Pink Round Beads, Pearlized Beads

Mixed lot light pink vintage faux pearls has over 450 round acrylic pearls in shades of pastel pink Bead mix includes: 61” strand 4mm beads (approximately 387pc) 8” strand 3mm beads (approximately 67pc) 4pc loose 8mm beads These plastic pearlized beads are unused beads made in the 1970's with no visible peeling, chips or scratches. They're a great choice for making jewelry and baby shower crafts, whether used on their own or in combination with other pearl or crystal beads. More Vintage Faux Pearls: Main page: