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So when I get excited about a subject I really know like history I start talking fast and get all into it (and people really just ignore me and look at me like I'm weird) and then after I spouted off some stuff and I'm out of breath everyone ignores me and starts talking to someone else like I never said anything & I get really embarrassed and hide in my room the rest of the night and cry. I wonder if things will ever change?


Our Secrets to a Cheap Beach Vacation

My name is Kiera and I hail from London. The Walking Dead/Caryl is heavily featured here. Interior design. Landscapes. Nature and animals. This galaxy and beyond. Crystals. Holiday decor. Quotes. The changing seasons. And whatever else I fancy.


'Senhor não vou dividir a minha adoração, exclusivo é o meu coração. Vivo só pra ti, não abro mão do Céu..


~~~ As you both walk the clouds, please don't forget about me Mom and Dad. I miss you both so very much, xox ~~~