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A pint of beer a day. Keeps the doctor away. Art Print

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Scotch ale homebrew recipes! Scotch Ale brings forth visions of fog filled bogs, dimly lit pubs and a hearty pint of ale. Scotland has always had its own distinct brewing style with an array of unique beers from the 60/- shilling light Scottish ale to the “wee heavy” strong ales. This week we examine the history of scotch ales as well as some Scottish ale beer recipes.

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Love it, Beer in a nutshell! Fancy a pint of the good stuff? Visit #justsaying #realalewarehouse #beer

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10 best pubs in london for cheap pint of beer! Great to know for my backpacking trip.

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When in doubt, a pint glass is always a good idea. Custom products, with purpose...

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Smoked Beer Can Chicken

Making smoked beer can chicken is easier than you think if you use bottled marinade or salad dressing and a store bought barbeque rub. Cook the beer can chicken in an electric or gas smoker. Or you can smoke beer can chicken in a grill type smoker like a Green Egg or Kamodo Joe. Best of all? Smoked beer can chicken tastes great and is worth the little bit of effort…

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Everything you need to know about beer, in one chart

Everything you need to know about beer, in one chart #beer #beereducation Read more:

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