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17 Pioneer Day Activities and Crafts for Kids (she: Mariah)

If you're looking for Pioneer Day Activities, then look no more! Mariah has created a roundup of things to do, including crafts and snacks. See all the ideas on today!

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Butter making and other pioneer day ideas... I remember doing this at vacation bible school before it was all big boxed theme curriculum purchased for complete lack of imagination and commitment of the congregation.

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Chasing Cheerios: A "Little House on the Prairie" Party -- this looks AWESOME!!!

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Activities: Make Dipped Candles. When candle makers dip candles, the first dips are not very noticeable. But each dip of the candle holds more wax and slowly a candle emerges and takes shape. So it is with our testimonies/faith. It is strengthened by action, one layer at a time.

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Class quilt: use for pioneer lesson. each child shows a story of their choice in their quilt square. put it all together and make a quilt to hang on the wall.

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The object is to pull your opponent up onto their feet. You put your feet against theirs and pull.

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6 Pioneer Crafts for Teens to Make

Study the American frontier with your middle and high school students while creating these great pioneer braided rugs!

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Pioneers - A Westward Expansion Unit

Grade 3 A1.2 compare some of the roles of and challenges facing people in Canada around the beginning of the nineteenth century with those in present day

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Little House in the Big Woods & Pioneer Unit

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Pioneer Living and Cloth Dyeing (Hands-on History).

Hands-on History. Cloth dyeing has been used since ancient civilization through to frontier living @ Tina's Dynamic Homeschool Plus

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Classroom DIY: Pioneer Journals

Are you looking for a meaningful way to integrate writing in your social studies classroom? Try historical journals! A great way to integrate narrative writing and history!

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17 Pioneer Day Activities and Crafts for Kids (she: Mariah)

Step by step tutorial on how to make soap without lye. | <a href=" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"></a>

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Make a pen from a feather quill for writing and drawing activities. I'm using this activity for my "Little House in the Big Woods" Unit and on Pioneer Day.

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Have you ever wondered what games pioneer children played? Laura Ingalls Wilder describes many games and activities in her books, and research shows us a few other games that children played during this era.

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