Pioneer Woman Turkey Brine, soooo awesome, I brined a frozen turkey (Seriously trying to find a fresh turkey??) and just halved the salt, best turkey ever!! I have been told I am to never make any other type of turkey, ever, again!! So easy and delicious, was the Rock Star of Thanksgiving dinner.

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Roasted Thanksgiving Turkey. I made this on Father's Day (did the brine and gravy too, ntohing with the gizzards as that is just disgusting). It was to die for! Raves all around. Did a 14 pound turkey, 4 hours to cook.

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The Pioneer Woman Recipes for Thanksgiving | Best Homemade Recipes For A Festive And Happy Holiday by Pioneer Settler at

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This is the brining recipe I used last Thanksgiving! However, my steps were different. The steps I used I stole from food network, so, do what you will, but this makes an incredible Thanksgiving turkey!

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