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Right here on US soil. Dakota Pipeline "security" forces.

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This is the kind of nonsense that happens when Trump talks tough...people are treated like dogs with Nazi style numbers .

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Eminent Domain used to pave the way for a foreign company, transporting foreign oil to a port to be exported. Think the government works for you? They are endangering our water supply, and our citizens, and violating treaties to enrich a corporation.

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Repost from @angryqueerguy using @RepostRegramApp - Especially relevant with the Dakota Access Pipeline, which would not only poison the water supply for people in North Dakota, but it's in violation of the private property rights the Indigenous people have on their reservations. I wish I saw more Libertarians talk about this, because the Pipeline seems to violate civil liberties. ---- I made a post about how you can help earlier on the page! ~Aliyah

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This is why the Lakota are fighting in North Dakota, for themselves, yes, but also for the rest of us

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Sadly, I doubt this will happen. For too long, fossil fuel corporations have waged a silent war against green energy. Trump would defund almost all climate change research, effectively allowing the oil companies to dictate policy. Added to that, the "not in my backyard" mindset the wealthy have, large scale wind and solar farms will never be a reality in this country. Oil pipelines will continue to leak. Tar sand "development" will continue to destroy the environment and fracking will…

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