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Hahah quite true actually. When you get an overall description of a pisces you're lead to believe they're sweet and innocent but we do have another side and It is ugly.

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Zodiac Pisces Facts |

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I'm a libra. What are you?

I'm a libra. What are you?

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So many feelings all at once.

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I am able to have a pretty nasty angry streak, but it takes a LOT to get it out of me. I take a lot and overlook a lot. Only two people, in my lifetime, have seen the ugly side. Even I don't like it.

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Pisces, Zodiac and Pretty much on Pinterest

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This is so me. I can hear a song and it reels me back to the past... Don't get me started on scents! Ahhhh, memories.

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Yes....and when I say something I mean it, it's hard to understand why someone wouldn't mean what they say, why say it then?

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When this sign is upset: They will give you death stares, and with every question you ask they will give you a smart ass response.

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