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Pittsburgh Style Chicken or Steak Salad

I find it sad that anyone that does not live within a 50 to 60 mile radius of Pittsburgh is aware that french fries on a chicken or steak salad is absolutely delicious. Since I grew up with this be…


How to Cook Pittsburgh-Style Steaks

Black and bleu steak, a staple menu item at most steakhouses and chophouses across the country, gets its name from the blackened seasonings used to season...


Pittsburgh Style Chicken or Steak Salad

Pittsburgh style chicken or steak salad. Have you ever had a salad with fries on it?


Steak Salad - Pittsburgh Style! There are many variations, but the three required ingredients are; steak thinly sliced, lettuce, I prefer some mixed greens and french fries. I like a homemade thousand-island (maybe it's the ketchup). And, I knew I first had it in Pittsburgh in the 70's.......