Place Value Project - your students will love applying their place value skills during this interactive math project. The D.I.Y. Project Guide from Core Inspiration by Laura Santos walks your students through every detail of the project to maximize student independence. Finally, project based learning is possible!

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Awesome Project Based Learning Activity: Planning My Birthday Party - Students plan their dream birthday celebration while practicing place value skills.

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Comparing numbers is an important math skill. This craftivity allows learners to practice identifying tens and ones and comparing two numbers. All of the pieces needed for this craftivity are included, but you can make this project even more fun by using mini marshmallows as ones!This activity is sure to be a classroom favorite and it makes the perfect winter display.

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2nd GRADE MATH ENRICHMENT PROJECTS FOR THE ENTIRE YEAR! I have bundled all of my 2nd Grade Math Enrichment Projects that are directly tied to the 2nd Grade Common Core Math Standards. Seventy-two math enrichment projects are included for the following topics: place value, place value addition/subtraction, measurement, time, money, geometry, adding/subtracting regrouping/borrowing, and pre-multiplication. The menus included with this product are excellent for early finishers, advanced ...$

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