'Flipping' the Classroom...activity involving the students discovering the definitions, characteristics, and pictures of new vocabulary

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What Does the Shape Say? Blog post and booklets with FUN plane and solid shape writing activities! $

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This blog is seriously the coolest, it makes me wish I was teaching third grade! But some of her ideas can be applied to high school...I will definitely be using the cereal and spaghetti idea to introduce Euclidean geometry on the first day of summer school!!! So excited :)

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All of the pages of this 10 page FREE handout are solved like magic squares. Number tiles are positioned so that the total of the tiles on each line of the geometric shape must add up to be the same sum. The designated sum for the shape is written on each page as well as the specific number tiles to be used. Most of the geometric puzzles have more than one answer; so, students are challenged to find a variety of solutions.

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