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Casey v. Planned Parenthood (1992) More

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Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania vs. Casey

20 Years Since Planned Parenthood v. Casey -- It was my first introduction to abortion access restrictions whose names are now commonplace to me: mandatory counseling sessions, 24-hour waiting periods, parental consent, spousal notification, and reporting requirements.

OA28: Planned Parenthood v. Casey part 2 Sofia Vergara sued by her embryos? Continued discussion of abortion and Planned Parenthood v. Casey Are You A Cop: understanding police lineups

The Supreme Court lessons from PBS - used some of these before and they are good


Con law: planned parenthood v. Casey (1992)- "mandatory delay appears to rest on outmoded.. assumptions about the decisionmaking capacity of women" ...way to go, Justice Stevens.

Con law: planned parenthood v. Casey-J. Scalia "arguments...beyond human nature to leave unanswered"...luckily those responses are a "liberty" Justice Scalia feels "compelled" to read from the Constitution.

How Three Fierce Female Justices Took Control of the Supreme Court

Wonderful read!! When the Supreme Court last heard oral arguments in a landmark abortion case, it was April 1992, the case was Planned Parenthood v Casey, and Sandra Da ...


Planned Parenthood or Planned Genocide? In Defense of the Defenseless.