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Making willow plant supports

Garden Pot Obelisk Trellis Metal                                                                                                                                                                                 More                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Metal Pot Obelisk, Trellis for climbing plants and flowers, flower pott, quite lovely

Great for long stemmed and vine flowers.

Lovely plant support use sweetpeas in veg garden to attract pollinators

Ornamental Plant supports | The Enduring Gardener

There are basically three types of plant support. Firstly you have the hidden plant support.

Part of the garden design is to juxtapose circular and square/angular shapes. This flower support will be a nice contrast to the garden fence and has a pattern similar to the Fiesta Ware heart bowl valentine. There could be a series of an odd number of these supports to provide repetition. I would paint them Fiesta Ware orange, yellow, and purple for spot color.

Ornate plant supports for those tall leggy plants that fall over every time you water.

Make willow garden supports

Willow Wigwam Garden Support

Pretty wire supports for vegetables or flowers by using tomato cages upside down and curling the end wire-

Pretty wire supports for vegetables or flowers by using tomato cages upside down and curling the end wire.

using cattle panel for plant supports - way cheaper than alternatives - have to get it in before they grow totally up this year though - waited too long last year!

Curved cattle fence panel plant support for Senorita Rosalita cleome

Peony plant supports - solid strong and hand crafted in Essex UK

Large strong solid iron three ring peony plant support 1 Metre overall height (Sible Hedingham)

Peoni support DIY

Trädgårdsbesök i Karlslund och naturliga staket !

Peony Support Idea - Made from sticks and twigs. Just lovely, whimsical and just… - Sequin Gardens

use old tomato cages, for peonies.

Elegant Plant Supports Keep Your Flowers Standing Tall (or just use old tomato cages for supporting your peonies)

Monty Don shows how to make easy DIY plant supports, using 6mm steel rods that are bent into shape, in this practical video guide on

How to make steel-rod plant supports

monty don shows how to make easy DIY plant supports - brilliant yet simple