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**Mother Nature's way of feeding her forests. Mushrooms, moss and and old log work so well together. Amazon rainforest ~ Cup fungus on log, Manu National Park, Peru


The Amazon rainforest, also known in English as Amazonia or the Amazon Jungle, is a moist broadleaf forest that covers most of the Amazon Basin of South America. Description from I searched for this on


13 Weird Plants You Didn’t Know You Needed


Yumenoshima Tropical Greenhouse Dome


This Blog Belongs to Debbie CarlosI was in SF last week and stopped by the Conversatory of Flowers. It was definitely one of the top conservatories I had ever been to with an amazing collection of plants. I am currently obsessed with Anthuriums and they did not disappoint


Pical star: This tropical garden near Brisbane is considered one of the world’s best. The oasis spreads over 1000m² and features an enchanting rainforest jungle where more than 100 different palm species create a canopy for shade-loving understorey plants. Crafting a lush paradise from a flamboyant palette of exotic plants.


BBC Boracay says: " What is the most exciting feauture in a tropical garden? The different size, texture and color of the tropical plants.Not the flowers but the leaves are within the main focus of interest. The giant elaphant ears plant is just one of them "


Rafflesia Flower found in Indonesia "has by far the largest bloom of any flower and is one of the world's rarest and most endangered plants. Almost one meter wide and weighing over 6 pounds, it is a fleshy, malodorous plant." Liza's Reef