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Sloping the soil away from the foundation will remedy a wet basement most of the time. The Family Handyman recommends firmly packing clay soil around the foundation, with at least a 4-in. slope over the first 4 ft. Place 6-mil black plastic over the soil and cover it with landscape rock. Install 4- to 6-ft. gutter extensions to your downspouts to direct water farther away from your foundation.


Awesomely creative use of plastic guttering to create shelves which are gorgeous to look at and display books in a way that makes it easy for little ones to choose which one to read.


Reading corner in little girls room! We used plastic rain gutters from Lowes. Totally cheap and the the books are easy to reach and choose this way. You need to buy the long gutters and cut them to size. You'll also need end caps, and corner pieces.


OMG I need these to keep leaves out of our gutters. I HATE cleaning leaves out of our gutters!Set Of 10 Plastic Gutter Guards Plow & Hearth #aff


Gravel can be used in dry streams, under downspouts, under decks, in between cracks on patios, and in streams or water features. Gravel comes in a variety of sizes from pea sized to oversized at 3in to 6in per stone. Colors range from buff to rusty browns.


Custom Splash Block - this keeps the run-off from washing away soil & mulch around the downspouts! Easy to do by angling the block so it runs away from the house - via Phillips Scott Landscaping

from Recyclart

Discarded Plastic Bags Sculptures by Khalil Chishtee