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iron plastic shopping bags between waz paper | Bags to Riches (recycled plastic bags) « Absolute Bodo


Eugenie opted for comfort over style by throwing a clear plastic poncho over her duffle coat

from HowStuffWorks

How to Find Water in the Wild

Things you need (not in any particular order): -A large piece of plastic(Poncho, Garbage Bag etc. Preferably about 5’x5’ can be smaller.) -A long straw-like drinking tube. (Preferable, but not completely necessary.) -A shovel, hands, a stick, or a stone, anything to dig a small hole. -A small container for the water collection. (Can, water bottle with top cut off, etc.) -A small rock, pebble, stone, a bit of gravel, or sand to weigh the plastic down in the center. -Non Poisonous…


must find clear raincoat!

from Fashionista

How Two Non-Designers Launched Your New Favorite Outerwear Brand

Poncho, black, matte, plastic, rubber

from Survival at Home

Top 5 Bug-Out Bag Necessities

"There is a wide school of thought on what should be carried in your bug-out bag. Some say you should always carry water purification tablets… some say take some emergency food… and still some say neither of those are necessary. There are five items, however, that most every prepper or survivalist will agree are true bug-out bag necessities…"

from Zimbio

Leandro Cano Show - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2013/14

Repinned | Wrapped in Plastic... clear plastic cape with sculptural silhouette; transparency & volume // Leandro Cano.


Rain Poncho's now in stock. These one size-fits-all hooded plastic ponchos are for those unexpected downpours. Conveniently compact pouch to fit in bag. This is a must-have accessory when attending any outdoor sporting events.

from Dollar Tree

Bulk Clear Plastic Rain Ponchos at

A plastic rain poncho would be a great filler item for your shoebox! #OperationChristmasChild


Besides the illicit materials, do not put bubbles, soap, or food in a geocache. DO put trading cards, foreign coins, glow sticks, toy farm animals, toy soldiers, toy bugs, plastic rings or any costume jewelry, small compasses, keychains, small LED flashlights, carabiners, matchbox cars, playing cards, small cache containers, small tools, balls, puzzles or games, emergency rain ponchos, small first aid kit, unique cookie cutters, ornaments