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Plastic trim

This is a time saver when painting trim or walls in rooms with carpet!! Press n Seal instead of painters tape and plastic drop cloth! Stays in place but doesn't leave a sticky residue! This is the easiest, cheapest, and quickest solution!!


The innovative RAIL TAPEY has snaps with a soft action force. This tapey is recommended for pockets and opening of jackets. 80 standard colors available for both the base tape and the snaps! #innovative #trim #details #plastic #tapeysnapper


DIY Doggie Door for screen door. I looked and looked and could find what I wanted, so I went to Home Depot and for under $12 I made exactly what we need! One 12 ft piece of plastic trim, a dozen 3/4" nuts and bolts. Cut to fit dogs and bolt together onto screen. Cut screen inside trim and add a little weight to bottom. Dogs love it and I can close my screen door without the dogs scratching to go in and out.