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Platycerium bifurcatum - Hertshoornvaren. Staghorn fern. Mist. Submerge in water every two weeks. Air Purifier.

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Elkhorn fern or Staghorn fern, Polypodiaceae

Elkhorn fern or Staghorn fern (Platycerium bifurcatum), Polypodiaceae.

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fiddle ferns | EasyBloom :: Staghorn Fern - Platycerium bifurcatum :: Detailed Plant ...

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17 Incredible Houseplants You Need Right Now

Vertical plants on driftwood! Some ferns cling to trunks of trees in the forest. This is an example how driftwood pieces from the beach were made into mounts for staghorn ferns! Browse driftwood crafts on Completely Coastal:

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The Elkhorn fern, occurs naturally in New Guinea, and along the coasts of Queensland and New South Wales. It is cultivated in many countries, it has become naturalised (that is, it has spread into the wild) in Florida, and it has been listed as an environmentally invasive species in Hawaii. It belongs in the family Polypodiaceae, which has 10 genera and 26 species in Australia.

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Chifre de Veado - Platycerium bifurcatum Spagnhol Plantas Ornamentais