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Video - "Probing Platypus Evolution": National Geographic researchers are trying to collect DNA samples from these odd duck-billed, egg-laying mammals to determine whether there are separate subspecies.


I have discovered a Platypus! A cute baby platypus with a few bowel disorders. Favorite food: Shrimp. Play Platypus Evolution you too! #PlatypusEvolution

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I have discovered a Sharkipus! The Terror of the Ponds. Luckily, it still feeds on shrimp. But it might mistake humans for huge, delicious, juicy shrimp. Play Platypus Evolution you too! #PlatypusEvolution

I have discovered an Adult Platypus! An evolved platypus that has achieved human features, like standing upright and gossiping. Play Platypus Evolution you too! #PlatypusEvolution

Platypus Evolution: Clicker Android Game - , Move monotremes on the screen. integrate sets on the same ones to mutate them into, good platypus. compete as an omnipotent god and create incredible and mysterious beasts in this Android game. Frankly communicating , monotremes are mysterious enough by themselves. Find out what they'll turn into if you speed their evolution! have same monotremes and with each brand-new time you'll get even immigrant critter. Don't forget to gather…