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In other words, stop messing with her emotions cause you'll get hurt worse than you hurt her.

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This is both a helpful pose & outfit. The outfit is useful as its typical of a male R&b artists to wear trainers, tshirt, jeans & a SnapBack. The pose is also inspirational as it looks good to see the artist and an instrument.

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Premeditated Murder by J. Cole. Favorite by far. Friday Night Lights Mixtape!! "Do you love me like you used to, even though I ain't the nigga that you're used to?/ Remeber back when I was broke, you would fix me?/ Do you prefer the broke me, or the rich me?/ The broke me couldn't buy you meals, not even a value meal/ Now I pay for everything, how you feel?/ Mixed feelings cause now all the chicks feelin him/ You gotta adapt though, I'm never going back"

Joe Cole peaky blinders - why only are my favourite characters always minor characters?!?

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J Cole Tackles Self Esteem In "Crooked Smile" Feat TLC

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