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Help Kids Manage Anger: Free Printable Game

Social/ Emotional. Erikson. This also goes along with Eriksons 8 stages of development. The children learn what emotions are and that it's ok to feel them.

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Emotions Color Wheel - Description: This activity is good to break the ice with any client. It is also an easy “check-in” to find out how the client is feeling and the issues he/she is dealing with at this time in his/her life. After creating a pie chart with 8 sections, the client gets to choose 8 emotions and then color in the pie pieces.

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Getting kids to talk and open up can be a challenge. This conversation starter activity and free printable can help kids open up. It can also be used by parents, educators, and counselors.

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Playdough in Play Therapy

PlayDrMom explains ways to use playdough in Play Therapy. Play dough with children can be extremely effective because children can heal just by creating with their hands. They do not even need to talk or go over their story.

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Self Esteem for Girls

This self respect lesson includes activities and printables. It can be used by teachers or guidance counselors in whole group or small group settings. I use it for a girls' group. It works well with character education programs. Includes 22 page interactive Powerpoint Presentation 22 page printable PDF file of the Presentation 3 Wall Posters Mirror Mirror Activity and Worksheet ME Activity and Worksheet Partner Role Play - Body Language Activity and Worksheet

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Solution Focused Counseling: Goal Setting & Strength-Based Intervention Tools

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The Inspired Counselor: Play Therapy in Schools-you could sit in a circle and roll it for younger grades

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Hold a sense of inner peace with you wherever you go!

Carry a positive memory in the palm of your hand to help you feel safe and calm wherever you are! I have seen this intervention done before and I have always found it powerful to use with children ...

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