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This single girl doesn't play around or play games... You like me? Then pursue me... I want a man not a boy... a man leads and pursues and a boy will only lead you on and expect you to pursue him! Either stand up and be the man a girl needs or sit down, so she can see the man behind you.

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How To Play Your Game - Love Quote

How To Play Your Game – Love Quote

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I dont play games, sorry

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And guess what? She's better at this than you are. Eventually she'll clean you out. And she'll stay! Best of luck you sorry excuse for a man. #beachbob

Playing mind games and playing with someone heart is SO wrong. You want him/her tell them and do something about it... "punishing them" for past mistakes is so wrong. Case of I don't want him but don't want anyone else to have him. Don't be selfish.

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Truth. Cherish your Queen men and don't take her for granted.

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I want her on my team. Only her. 637 commitment

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(5) Photos/Videos of Bitter, Heartless Bitch - Shannon Scarbro Mills

Lol. all the time/unattractivecrazyexwife/personalitydisorderatitsfinest/verysickgirl/stalker/

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Karma is a bitch so I will just wait 2 years to let someone else tell you we did have sex . You should know better you already know the person that made me ruthless your his "bestfriend" Next time you wanna play games, maybe you should read the rules: #1 Don't fuck with me.

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