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When Ted learned the truth. | 26 Times "How I Met Your Mother" Made You Laugh Uncontrollably
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26 Times "How I Met Your Mother" Made You Laugh Uncontrollably

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PATTERN - Baby Bee Bumble - Crochet Amigurumi Pattern

This is a DOWNLOADABLE PATTERN only. This is NOT for the actual amigurumi doll. Meet Baby Bee BUMBLE. He is simply adorable and simple to make. Finished size: 15 inches Skill level: Easy (single crochet, increase, decrease) If you have any problems following the pattern, please feel free to contact me. *You may sell your finished item & post pictures as long as you give credit to Pattern Designer/Author: Sherily Toledo (Toledos Talents -…


Psalm 91... Calling you and trusting you to fill me with love instead of the anger, hatred and desire to meet evil with evil BC you talk a good game but the catholics pray to false idols and use Your name to hurt kids... Penile leprosy, just a thought... Love is great but you've gotten too soft since the old testament. No fire or flood again, just perverts contracting non contagious penile leprosy. Please?


I love you so much Jeffrey Watkins! Please, please stay strong. I know you wanted to meet my son today but life had other things in mind, but you are a fighter! Tripp and I will see you soon, I promise. We are family and family keeps faith together! I know God hears our prayers. Keep fighting kinfolk! ❤️


(OPEN RP, I'm her. Written in his POV) "Drop the gun sweetheart, I don't want to hurt you" I smirk and cock my head in an arrogant matter "Oh please, I'm not the stupid little 15 year old you remember" she scoffs and holds the gun tighter in her hand. The comment made my heart drop and I fight to not show weakness "You wouldn't really shoot me. I know you can't". "I can, and will, don't underestimate me" the gun clicks but I don't back down. It hurts that I still love her (By Ebony Fire)

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Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Jim Carey is underrated as an actor. I love so much about this film from the cast, to the crazy nature of the story.