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Reading and writing paperless activities digital notebook for google drive

Reading and Writing Strategies GO Interactive Notebook Google Edition ($) Why use a Go Interactive Notebook? ★Paperless. No printing. No cutting. No glue. ★Students work directly in the file ★Preserve ideas and references ★Improve students' writing ★Infuse technology ★High engagement ★College readiness ★Access anywhere ★Looks like a traditional paper and pencil notebook ★Happy students


Shakespeares Macbeth. Introduction to Macbeth 1- The plot of Macbeth 2- The characters 3- The source of the play 4- The Themes of the play 5- The language.

An infographic that keeps track of all of Shakespeare's deaths for you

Shakespeare's Tragedies ~ Everybody Dies. And Antigonus cries. This is great! Except Lady Macbeth committed suicide.


Derek Magyar to Direct Immersive, Multi-media ROMEO & JULIET -


A timeline of the major events in the plot of Macbeth