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Before you go pumpkin crazy this fall, don't forget to make the most of the plum season. Guys, plums want to be loved too! And by 'loved' I mean 'baked into delicious crumble bars'.

A sweet bread with chopped plums and a brown sugar topping is a delicious way to celebrate plum season.


french fruit tart - it's plum season - MY FRENCH COUNTRY HOME

from The Kitchn

Spiced Plum Bars Remind Us That Under No Circumstances Should We Miss Plum Season — Delicious Links

Plums are the quiet fruit of fall, next to the splashy late peaches and the household names like apples and pears. But under no circumstances should you miss plum season. I mean, look at these bars.


When's plum season, again? I can hardly wait to try this!!! concave plum kuchen by smitten, via Flickr


The Wild Plum Season | Wendy Petty Picking wild plums and plum ketchup recipe


This plum custard tart will definitely please your guests. It's delicious, subtle, sweet and perfect for any occasion. As the plum season is now ending, you can replace them with a can of plums, can of cherries, fresh raspberries or rhubarb.


Plum pie. I'm making this tomorrow to use up some of my dad's plums on his tree. Looks yummy.

from Leite's Culinaria

Plum Almond Cake

Plum Almond Cake | Torta di Prugne e Mandorle from Leite's Culinaria