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How to Replace a Shutoff Valve

How to Replace a Shutoff Valve Stop under-sink leaks with this 30-minute fix.LeakMate a simple to use tool to stop that leak in seconds.#burstpipe #diy #waterleak #watercompanyleaks #diyplumbingleaks #plumbers #plumbingtool #diytools

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How to Fix a Leaking Shutoff Valve

How To Fix Leaking Shutoff Valve ~


Love all the bathroom ideas here water works exposed thermostatic shower system in unlaquered brass


Plumbing Valve Coat Rack and Umbrella Stand...

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How to Install an Outdoor Faucet

How to Install an Outdoor Faucet: Make watering your lawn or garden easier with a remote outside faucet. Instead of dragging long lengths of hose, run a permanent underground pipe with a blowout valve to a convenient spot. Read more:

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Fix a Leaky Shut Off Valve

Shutoff valve leaks are usually caused by loose packing nuts. A slight turn of a wrench often stops the leak.


Industrial Wall Sconce plumbing pipe repurposed by RoscaLights, $175.00

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How to Repair a Leaking Tub Faucet

<p>You don't have to put up with the slow drip from a leaky faucet, nor with the growing stain it often leaves in the tub or shower. Fix it now and you'll prevent those headaches and save on you water bill too. The entire job, with special tools, may set you back a bit of cash, but doing it yourself is a lot cheaper than hiring a plumber, and usually much cheaper and easier than tearing out the old faucet and installing a new one.</p> <p>Worn rubber washers, seals or gaskets in the valve…

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Handy Plumbing Tips and Tricks

Use pipe insulation to prevent sprayer snarls If you have to jiggle the hose as you pull out your kitchen sink sprayer, chances are the hose is catching on the shutoff valves. For smooth operation, slip 1/2-in. foam pipe insulation over the pipes and shutoff handles. Tape it if it won't stay put. Get the insulation at home centers for about $3.