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Aspyn's Living Room Makeover Reveal

Hey guys!! Man am I excited to finally share Aspyn’s Living Room and Entryway makeover with you!! If you’re new to the block, welcome! For the last little while I’ve been working on a space makeover for youtuber Aspyn Ovard.Read More


Rabbit Pelt Instructional, the old way. And the best way.After you skin the rabbits, lay the furs down on a wood ply board, wet side up.-Nail the furs to the ply board.- scrape any excess fat off the skin. ( You can scape fairly hard, the rabbit skin is quite tough.)- Salt the skins. Add good layer of salt.- Stow skin board in a dry place away from direct sunlight, and away from dogs and cats. They love to eat salted rabbit pelts.When the skins are dry in a week, they will be cr


Here's a Kiloton in Emerald Green Metallic, 3-ply white guard, rosewood board, Clear Satin neck finish. CLF079492 is headed to MUSIC CITY BUFFALO in New York. G&L Musical Instruments.


9499849188128680 An infinite number of color and texture combinations. The Designed Exterior helps to show the possibilities with materials that will give your house a custom look. Via Ply Gem


Australian Design News September 2014


The Landyachtz Fiberglass Totem Longboard Complete is designed for Cruising and Carving. Ships fully assembled and ready to skate! Function: Cruising, Carving Features: Medium W Concave, Rocker, Wheel Wells Material: 5 Ply Vertically Laminated Bamboo, Fiberglass Core Length: 41" Width: 9.9" Wheelbase: 27.75" Thickness: 1/2" Hole Pattern: Old School Grip: Clear


Australian Design News September 2014

Warehouse Conversion by Doherty Design Studio | Yellowtrace - door color


Arbor Prebuilt 46" Timeless Photo Series Longboard Complete


Dream House Feeder

This fly-through gazebo feeder is perfect for just about any setting. Constructed of exterior grade ply-board, and topped with a pine shingle roof, the large open area can be used with seed or can easily accommodate a piece of fruit for Orioles to enjoy. Item Dimensions: 18" H x 14" W x 14" D All of our pieces are intended for use outdoors. Each is fully functional, with removable back walls for easy cleaning. The hole openings are designed to accommodate common cavity dwellers such as…


The Madrid Paint Longboard Complete is designed for Cruising and Carving. Ships fully assembled and ready to skate! Function: Cruising, Carving, Freeride Features: Drop Down, Concave, Twin Tip, Wheel Cutouts Material: 8 Ply Maple Length: 37.375" Width: 9.375" Wheelbase: 29.5" Thickness: 7/16" Hole Pattern: New School Grip: Black