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Fold-Down Cutting Rack

There was no room in my basement shop to cut full sheets of plywood. I always had to have the home center guy cut it down to size with his panel saw. What a hassle. I wanted my own panel saw, but I knew there was simply no room in my shop or budget. Then I came up with the solution: a lightweight, fold-down …


I wanted a countertop in the laundry room, but didn't want to spend a lot of money. I looked at a couple different options (for example, a desk top from IKEA and the butcher block countertop from IKEA) but decided to go with the plywood. It was so inexpensive and easy (Lowes cut it for me). I just rubbed some Danish Oil on it and it was good to go! I like the warmth it adds to the room and it's SOOO great for folding, etc.


World map. I got a 4x8 sheet of half-inch plywood cut into thirds at Home Depot to end up with 3 pieces of 32x48" -- a good size to fill the empty wall in the dining room. With one-inch spacing, it gave me 32x48 pixels. I scaled down a world map to that size and posterized it to 5 colors (white + 4 shades of gray).


Panel-Cutting Lumber Cart. Panel saws make quick work of cutting large sheets of plywood without trying to feed them through a table saw


Gingerbread Man

Gingerbread man Unfinished wood cut from 1/4" Baltic birch plywood. Pieces are laser cut, which results in smooth, brown edges that do not require sanding. Plea


The New & Improved Pet Station

Dog food bowls on bottom and cat bed and bowl on top so the dogs can't get to her...I need this


DIY large scale plywood word art

One of the many DIYs in our master bedroom - and probably one of my favorites - is the word art over the bed. I wanted to use my own handwriting to make it even more personal to us, but you could just skip the first couple of steps and use a font and then the whole project can probably be made using Word or a similar software. Here is how I turned my handwriting into something that I could print and cut out on a large scale. I wrote out my word a couple of times on a scratch pad. You can ...


5 DIY Bed Frames With Built In Storage

Not the prettiest DIY platform bed, but a good way to think about alternate ways to organize the shelves.



Tarpon Size 53 wide x 21 high x 2 1/4 thick. The face stands 3 1/4 from the wall. Artist Statement Each sculpture is constructed of 3