Pocahontas character

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Pocahontas Character inspired Mickey head DIGITAL printable file DIY

Pocahontas. I feel like she doesn't get enough recognition... She is truly one of my favorite princesses.

Pocahontas (Disney)

In place of a wedding ring, Pocahontas is given her deceased mother's wedding necklace, and she wears it throughout most of the film. She wears form-fitting, off-the-shoulder buckskin that would be as much at home in Beverly Hills as in Jamestown.

Pocahontas is twerking on that rock to get hisattention so he aims a gun at her. Then she realized she could never win a man by twerking so she stopped.

Favourite Disney movie :) haven't watched it since I was small. I should watch it next rainy day >John Smith and Pocahontas. This >is basically what happened.

I got Meeko! Which Pocahontas Character Are You? | Oh My Disney

Quiz: Which Pocahontas Character Are You

You're Meeko! You are the best friend everybody wishes they had. You always know how to entertain the people around you, and you can lighten up any situation. You’re pretty talented at braiding hair, too. Never lose your silly sense of humor.

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The ages have been revealed! WOW Snow white is young! And the age difference between Flynn and Rapunzel tho! I didn't even know like 2 of the prince's names, lol so ashamed