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oil-rubbed bronze pocket door hardware


inexpensive pocket door hardwarein the edge of a door with a tiny indent and a small thumb-turn nib for locking. that hardware will make you hate pocket doors. They’re inexpensive, but they don’t function well. Use a mortised set like the one seen here from Halliday and Baillie. The resulting look and function is much more pleasant because it moves the recessed parts of the pull away from the door edge allowing easier access for your hands, and its larger size is easy to grip.

Premium Quality Mid-Century Pocket Door Privacy Lock Set | House of Antique Hardware


Eduard Samsó para ABR, y las sillas son un clásico de Mies Van Der Rohe


very cool pocket door hardware, Chant Hardware


Small Rectangular Recessed Ring Flush Pull - Antique Brass

Perfect for use on a pocket door or small hatch, this rectangular recessed ring flush will add style and function to your DIY remodel. Great for replacing old hardware, this pull is offered in antique finishes that match many decor styles.


FSB USA 4299 0023 6204 Flush Sliding Pull Pocket Door Hardware, Stainless Steel - Knobs and Hardware

Privacy. Accurate lock company has skillfully solved the problem of privacy and pocket doors with its mortise pocket lockset.


Pocket Door Hardware: HB 695 Pocket Door Hardware Privacy Lock: 250mm - HandB2012


Love this pocket door hardware. Sadly, I don't know who manufactures it or where the picture came from. If anyone knows, please let me know.