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Poem On Rain

This rain poem is the perfect way to incorporate poetry activities into your daily lessons this spring! By using a poem of the week, you help build reading fluency, phonics and phonemic awareness skills, comprehension, concepts of print and more! Don’t forget to check out the great poetry writing prompt perfect for creating a copycat poem!

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Rain Jar for a rainy wedding day idea and photo by Kimberly Brooke Rain on your wedding? What seems like an inconvenience can be cherished forever! So I made a rain jar. I wrote a little poem, put it on a tag with ribbon and used one of my little square glass bottles with a cork. Collect rain on the wedding day and give to the couple!

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This poem is definitely going up in my room. I teach environmental science and this poem works on many dimensions.

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The Chaos of Stars quotes of love. Description from I searched for this on

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Quote about "I chose you..." I love the one that reads when the troubles of the world are downpours of thick, clamoring, beating rain - you will laugh, take my hand..."

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let the rain kiss you...let it sing you to sleep langston hughes I remember staying at Trinity College in Dublin and looking at the lit library, hearing the rain on the cobblestones and listening to the soft breathing of my child asleep.

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Angry young man with headphones on. Walks down the street, repeating the words of another mans #poem.

And another knows nought of its chilling fall Upon him aat all, On whom the rain comes down. An Autumn Rain ~ poem of Thomas Hardy |

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Enchanting Illustrations And Animated GIFs By Sparrows

These enchanting artworks are created by professional illustrator Sparrow. Sparrow is a username that she use on Tumblr, as she explained “It’s from A Ubiquity Of Sparrows by Craig Arnold, who has written all my favourite poems about birds that aren’t really about birds.” h/t: thisiscolossal

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