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Poems About Broken Hearts

26 Quotes That Will Inspire You To Make 2016 Your Best Year Yet (Photos)

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*It's not a curse, it's a gift! *Who told you, us, that we are half anyway and what made you believe that. We are not half. I know what i am talking about, i made children myself. You know what, think, feel, cry, scream goddammit! Make up your own mind and it doesn't have to be the same as mine. But stop accepting BULLSHIT *Cause you all are going to feed your children with it and there is nothing wrong with them. YET. They got the most spectacular and brilliant ideas, if we just let them.

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"I cannot sit across from you at a table and not want to reach for your hand. I can’t talk with you about mundane everyday things that don’t matter and not want to tell you that I love you. Nothing upsets me more than the thought of ‘acting casual’ around you when I am so completely head over heels in love with you it’s just not funny." - Ranata Suzuki quote, We can't be friends, I miss him, lost love, relationship, words, quotes, quote, sad, breakup, broken heart…

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Sad Quotes About Love; Which Express How Much It Hurts

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I'm pretty known for shutting people out, but I don't like people I consider family talking down about me behind my back.

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When you stop making life about taking care of everyone else and take care of you first.

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