"Three Point Lighting". It is vastly used in studio photography and by snobby fashion photographers. Good basis for any portrait photograph. Key light: Usually the strongest light;sets the lighting of the scene. Fill light: helps fill the shadows that the main light casts. Backlight: used to create a contour and separation. It is common to use a snoot or a gridspot on the backlight to avoid a spill.

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An overview of a classic three-point lighting setup used in portrait photography. Learn a lot more about photography by signing up for my free newsletter! http://www.edverosky.net/blog/free-newsletter/

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How many of you have multiple studio strobes just lying around the house or studio? And if you are of the fortunately equipped few who do, how many of you like to lug all those lights around for every shoot? Whether out of necessity or convenience lets take a look at how to create a…

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