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The title Still Standing is literal. I have been cut, poked and jabbed multiple times. I have stayed in the hospital for several days on end. I am on a first name basis with the emergency room staff since I frequent the department at least twice a month. I have had more x-rays, CT scans, surgeries and blood work performed than I can count. I am still standing.


My 6 year old nephew realized that's he's been going to the doctors more frequently. They've been running scans, poking, & prodding him. He tugged on my shirt today and asked if he was broken..


repost but better scan of Rocky Banks from the last day I was living in NYC. She came over to give me a stick-n-poke tattoo of the word “dude”

New scan of a friend poking through old-style metal garbage cans while holding his 1950s Brownie camera. A 1960s Chevy with New York plates ...

gogogengar: “I was poking around the library and found this beauty. All scans are courtesy of me (with minimal image correcting due to graininess) enjoy

I posted the above image seven years ago in both 2-D and 3-D. However, while poking through my old boxes of photos, I felt moved to post both versions again --- in better condition, and at a higher resolution for those who might need it for something (Blogging, Crafts, Homework, or whatever). So, I made some new and better scans, and... here you go. FULL 3-D IMAGE SEEN HERE : ♥ * THE OLD CAPTIONS REVISED from 2008 : Photographically…