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Original Character - Pokemon OC *Vance* by ichan-desu  [ I <3 Pokemon OCs ]

{ Vance Light ~ Pokemon Trainer ~ 15 Years ~ Favorite Pokemon: Bulbasaur, Persian, and Arcanine ~ Crush: Melanie ~ Kind ~ Quick ~ Brave ~ Strong ~ Kind to his pokemon ~ Funny ~ Single }


EDIT Changed the tutorial a little! Less doodles, more text and advice. Hope it is a little clear and better to understand. Thank you all so mu.

OC:: Pen by CookieHana on DeviantArt   (Goggles for Dave, do not confuse with bandana)

Small revamp of one of my Pkmn Trainers, Pen! I tried to keep it close to the original poketrainer/gym leaders arts style just for fun ♥ OC:: Pen

Hi, I'm Kate! Im 15 and let me just say, I LOVE music! I am really good at singing and I can control some snake like Pokemon like a snake charmer. I love Pokemon and I treat them like equals. My favorite types of Pokemon are Fire types, I am a fire type specialist. I'm dating Raith. I am kind, caring, gentle, loving, passionate, and a bit sarcastic at times. Im good friends with Saya and she is kinda like a sister to me.

I'm Sasori, I'm working to become a Pokemon master. My starter is a charmander and i named him Naru. I took in a Weavile that was stolen from team ROCKET and I named her sharpe

Pokemon_Oc_Lizzie_Other_look by Miyuki-Tsukiyono on DeviantArt

XDDDD Pokemon by nintendo creatures gamefreak TV Tokio Lizzie by Me xDDD please XD Pokemon_Oc_Lizzie_Other_look

A surprise reward for =hayden-desu for winning the adoptable auction this past November fav.me/d6tuwd7 . Hope you like it! : ) Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you all have a good one. Eat a lot of f...

Commission for my baby , their kawaii oc Jiyon and his kawaii pokemon team, alternative version with green trees I just love Espurr its so creepy and cute I .